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Key Benefits

  •  Enables you to know what you really want (yes, sounds crazy although true)
  •  Helps provide accurate estimates of time/effort and cost
  •  No misunderstandings occur, as requirements are clearly documented.


Process modeling
A picture is worth a thousand words. Seeing a process and the respective decision flow many times opens the door for more efficient ways to complete a process and help identify duplication of effort.
Clear and detailed documentation
Documentation is detailed to the level of your needs. The more complex a requirement, the more detailed the documentation required.
Often seeing screens interact with one another and "seeing" the solution helps to finalise requirements and brings documented requirements "to life"

Design is paramount in cases of of complexity where there are many interrelated components with complex interactions. Again, as in requirements analysis the design of the software is tailored to suite the situation.
Kzen believes strongly in an object-oriented approach using UML object/interface and transaction flow diagrams to clearly document object design.

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