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Dealstation - providers Brokers in South Africa, via a user friendly, intuitive and efficient interface, the ability to capture their deals, send confirmations and do invoicing and other reporting. Dealstation currently supports the following products - FRAs, FX Spot, FX Forwards, Swaps (Vanilla), Repo's & Depo's
Dealstation supports the following features:
  •  User authentication and access control
  •  Administration of Clients, Agents and their details - including Dealers and Back Office personnel.
  •  A controlled capturing process to take the capturing of a deal through various states to minimise errors
  •  A carefully designed User interface to maximise deal capture speed. Deals can be captured using the keyboard alone and many fields are defaulted.
  •  An extensible technical architecture, which allows the easy addition of new products (working co-operatively with Clients to add new products is easily achievable and encouraged)
  •  Scalability - provides the ability to add many Users.
  •  Latest technology - developed using Microsoft .Net and Microsoft SQL Server Database.

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